Whether lack of roof of space, or aesthetic preferences are your reason for not wanting solar on your roof NO WORRIES we have got you covered. We customize structures to your preference and needs depending on if you want to park trucks, boats, mobile homes underneath, or simply provide some extra shade on your property. The cost of the structure also applies to the 30% Investment Tax Credit. 


Customer Car Cover Matched extension of existing building
Front View of the Car Port. 
Back porch cover for some additional shade!

Grid tied array on the roof of your home, shop, barn, school, office. This is the most economical installation with the quickest payback.  Roof space, orientation, and age will all be carefully examined to insure longevity and efficiency for 30 years. 

Roof Mount on Garage building. We guarantee a leak free installation.
12kW Residential Roof Mount on Asphalt Shingles. 
1:12 Pitch shops are PERFECT for solar. Plenty of space to install panels, typically not noticed from road or ground due to low pitch.

Every project is specifically engineered to be most appealing and most efficient to our customers. We will share/discuss all options, and combine our professional opinion with your personal taste to assemble the project!

Shop Mount
Provides shade for livestock on a ranch, also supplies power for majority of home.
5kW ground mount. Low profile and very cost effective if roof space is not available but land space is.
10kW simple ground mount with steeper tilt to maximize efficiency.
Rodeo Arena installation

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